Updated: 18th October 2018

Tiny Kitten Tries To Hide In The Kleenex Box And Finds An Even Cuter Surprise Inside!

Kittens maybe little troublemakers, but boy, do theylook cute when they’re causing mischief and playing. This next video proves it!

One owner went to check on her two tiny kittens because they were being suspiciously quiet. She discovered that they’d turned the Kleenex box into a secret hiding place.

When their owner turned on her camera, she films one of the kittens trying desperately to fit into the tiny box. But when the camera pans in closer, you finally notice there’s already another kitten inside! Forget the cat elevator or the One Fast Cat wheel; The only thingthese tiny kittens need to have hours of fun is asimpletissue box!

At one point, the mama cat appears to make sure her kittens are safe and sulks away as if she’s sad she can no longer fit inside. Oh, those were the days!

Couldn’t you just watch this video of these tiny kittens playing in a tiny box for hours? Get ready for cuteness overload! Trust us, this will be the best 90 seconds of your day.