Enter Our Free Competition To Win $100 or £100

We sincerely love our fans so to add a little extra fun into the mix, we run a free weekly competition where one lucky fan will be picked by random and win $100 or £100.

Anyone can enter, regardless of age or location, you just need to be able to provide us with your bank or paypal details if you win (don’t worry it’s perfectly safe, we only need enough info to be able to pay you if you win, nothing more).


How it works

Every week we randomly pick one of our viral sites and then randomly pick someone that has engaged with any of our social channels. For example..

  • we may pick someone that liked our facebook page, liked a post, shared our page, shared a post or commented on a post
  • we may pick someone that followed us on twitter, or retweeted one of our posts
  • we may pick someone that pins a post on pinterest

etc, etc.

Get two quick chances to win right now, here’s how..

  • Top right of this page, click on the facebook “Like Page” and then “Share”

… now every week you have two chances to win.

Now to increase your chances even more, simple engage as you would normally with our posts, either on this site using the social buttons at the top right of the page or to the left of the page, or on any of the social websites, knowing that every time you do, you increase your chances of winning every single week.



Q. How will I know if I won ?

A. We will contact you on the social channel that resulted in your win. For example, if you liked our facebook page, we would contact you via facebook.


Q. How far back will you go ?

A. This is done randomly as well. For example, if you liked our facebook page a year ago, or even longer, you’re still in with a chance to win every single week.


Q. If I win, is giving you my bank details or paypal address safe ?

A. Yes. We only need enough information to be able to pay you. The information we need is not enough for us to be able to do anything nasty with.


Q. I’m a child, can I still take part ?

A. Yes but you if you are under 18 years of age, you will need to get parental or guardian consent first.


Q. Can I do multiple likes, comments, etc to be in with more chance of winning ?

A. Yes of course, but please check out our rules below as we don’t want to fill up the social websites with spam or repeated comments so please check out the rules to ensure you’re not disqualified from winning.



  • You can comment as many times on as many posts on any social platform as you like, providing the message is a proper message and not a copy paste of any other messages you, or others, have made. For example, you can’t post anything that doesn’t read like a proper comment and you cant copy and paste the same message again and again. Anyone found doing this will be disqualified from winning
  • If you do not provide us with a valid bank or paypal account to pay the winnings to you within 28 days of contacting you, you agree to forfeit the prize so we may select another winner.
  • Please ensure the details you provide us to make the winning payment is correct. Once the payment has left us we have no way of recalling it and we cannot resend it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at info@catvirals.com

Lastly and most importantly, good luck 🙂